International Taikiken Gasshuku, Honbu Dojo Amsterdam, 17-19 June 2011





On Friday evening we met at Shinbuken Dojo for a presentation by Sensei Rob Conradi on Budo History. This was followed by a great Indonesian meal.

We were picked up at the airport by Sensei Bakker and the entire Swedish Delegation, Sensei Marshall, Andre, Patrick, Anders and I were invited to stay with members of Shinbuken. This was really appreciated when the social side becomes a bit closer and making very nice new friends. So thank you Sensei Kallenbach, Sensei Hans Bakker, Marianne, Gert and Dirk for your hospitality.

For the program there was three important parts to go through.

. How should I keep my own high standards and do my best?

. How should I demonstrate, in the best way Taikiken principles to others?

. How do I represent Taikiken way to the world?

All participants were asked to have a complete demonstration of three minutes to explain the essence of Taikiken


We came to the Dojo at 9:30 and started with 30 min Ritsu zen, then we went through a Mu-Te exercise.

Saturday practice was led by Sensei Kallenbach with circle training drills and exercises for reaction.

This was mixed with theory in a very good and clear manner and contained the participants' presentations of their perception of how they want to present "the essence of Taikiken".

The training ended at 16.00 and departure for dinner was at 18.00. This gave an opportunity to meet other participants, train with them, question and fight. Then we met everyone for a nice dinner in the old fishing district of Amsterdam, a very beautiful and picturesque area. Here, we continued talk of memories and techniques. Bedtime at 24.00 after a cup of tea at the home of Sensei Hans and his Daphne.




Start Ritsu zen and then Kihon training with Sensei Alan Stoll, always good with such basic training exercises, Sensei Jean-Luc showed Taikiken exercises with elements of Judo/Shuai Jiao and Yi-quan where you stretch your body in a balanced way, after that,

Lunch in the dojo

We had training sessions with beanbag
s to put on the head to check the balance and posture. Many exercises that can be applied in this way.

The final section, we try to move to music to see if there was some impact. A test that might inspire to be open and innovative in this training, dare to try, but also be critical if it really works. One of Taikiken´s strength, I think.

It is so appreciated at the European Taikiken meetings, when it comes to training, theory and social contact, but we know this from earlier meetings. So a big Thanks to Sensei Jan Kallenbach and the Shinbuken Dojo for the weekend.

There is always little extra things to remember as well. Those of us who were lucky enough to get some of the wonderful hospitality did get a little extra. I spent breakfast talking to Little Levi 1.5 years who never tired of his tennis ball. He is a charmer. Marianne and Gert had Anders as a guest and were a little amazed that he could drink a liter of coffee for breakfast.

I thanked the organizers after training for an interesting weekend, with nice training and a friendly reception. Sensei Kallenbach said that maybe I should say that I was a little afraid of the participants of Shinbuken dojo instead. Dojos want to have a reputation. If the truth be told the Swedish Budoka are not a bit afraid of anyone in Shinbuken, however Sempai Nicholas from ACBB Dojo Paris who demonstrated his deadly techniques that spread terror in the Taikiken camp. I am a little afraid of him!

A well-conducted meeting with a high standard of both participants and sensei. We were pleased that Sensei Marshall’s health allowed him to come and share his knowledge.

We send our thoughts to Sensei Jacques Legree who was missed by us all.