International Taikiken Gasshuku, Chateau de Meridon, 20-22 April 2012


The Stockholm group started at 03.00 am to catch the 6:25 flight from Stockholm to Paris. We were picked up by Sensei Romain Anselmo, one of ACBBs Yudansha that took us to a nice lunch in Paris and gave us a guided tour. An excellent guide.

From Paris we went to Chateau de Meridon, a stunning castle in the periphery of Paris with a nice park to train in. Most of the Budokas arrived at 17.00 and it was great to meet all Taikiken friends from Holland, France and Gothenburg.

Sensei Jan Kallenbach opened the Gasshuku with a workout in which he linked the body language to Taikiken.

Saturday started with individual training, the 19th century castle where we trained was built on the ruins after an even older castle, so you really felt history to give your training a good feeling. Spring had come much further in Paris as green trees and the birds also provided inspiration.  

In the morning we trained with Sensei Kallenbach, beginning with a jutsu technique and trained slowly to understand that the body must be behind the technology to make it work. After daken training we went over to the kobudo training, with bo, jo and hanbo. We created our own "kata" based on movements from the LABAN system.



Lunch is of course an important part of french culture, so we had an appetizer, a trout for the main course, cheese and a creme brulee (from heaven according to Andreas).

Afternoon session we trained with Sensei Jean-Luc who showed the connection between shuai jiao (chinese wrestling) and Taikiken, with many good body control and stretching exercises. The last part of the session was held by Sensei Kallenbach, who showed the relationship between the different techniques in Taikiken and the different weapons.

Sunday training started with free practice in the castle park and after breakfast we got a kihon training session with Sensei Julien which later became bunkai training. The last part of the training was of course randori. 

We were happy to see that everybody had a good understanding and respect of the level of fighting skills of the opponent. Every evening had interesting presentations and group discussions about Taikiken.There was also plenty of time for the meals, and the french food was of course excellent.

Many thanks to Sensei Julien and Nicholas and ACBB Dojo who organized this Gasshuku. Thanks to Sensei Jan Kallenbach, Sensei JeanLuc and other instructors for a good Gasshuku. We did of course miss Sensei Marshall and Sensei Jacque and we hope to see them on the next camp.

Åke, Andreas and Mats


Chateau de Meridon

Discussion Budo, Kobudo by Sensei Kallenbach

Swedish Yoshinken team

European Taikiken group, Chateau de Meridon 2012