Jan Kallenbach Dojo, Amsterdam, 14 October 2021


The inauguration ceremony of the former ALO Budo Dojo renamed – Jan Kallenbach Dojo

Jan Sensei was a very respected teacher at the ALO Sports Academy for many years, and naming the Dojo after him is very unique, no other teacher has been honoured this way.




The Martial Arts taught at ALO have been Judo, Aikido. Taikiken, held many Seminars here although was not officially on the curriculum.

The ceremony was performed in Embu manner and attended by Jolanda, Jan Hein, Kees, Kallenbach, Kyoshi Hans Bakker, & Sensei Rob Conradi & ALO members.






Foto´s kindly supplied by Sensei Rob Conradi Yon Dan Aikido, Shin Shinbuken member