Sadly another Budoka has left us, Stockholm 25 June 2020


I received the sad news 25/6-2020 that Örjan Johansson has died.

Örjan was an early member of Oyama Karate Kai and a student of Sensei Marshall McDonagh. He was successfull in competitions during the 1970´s and was one of the most explosive fighters I have encountered in my nearly 50 years in Budo.


Örjan was also one of the first members of Yoshinken in early 2000. Although the training was not so diligent the last years, the heart for OKK and Yoshinken was there.

Örjan some times visited our Dojo just to say hello, which was much appreciated.

Örjan, we miss you as a Budoka and as a good friend.


Osu   Åke Wall





Training in the OKK dojo, Solna sport center in the mid 1970´s.

Front row from left: Sensei Marshall, Örjan Johansson.

Back row: Åke Wall, Kenneth Lundin och Mona Holmberg.



Sensei Marshall and Örjan in Yoshinken practice.