Sensei with a big heart has left us, Gothenburg 2 April 2019


Sensei Dan Larsson, one of the first two Swedish black belts in Kyokushinkai Karate, (the other Gregor Söderberg) both from Göteborgs Karate Kai, Dan later became the founder of the Banzai Karate Dojo, has passed away 2nd April 2019.

A memorial service was held at Banzai Dojo on 4th May 2019.

Yoshinken was represented by Kyoshi Marshall McDonagh with Renshi Åke Wall attended this dignified but informal ceremony with Dan´s choice of music and spontaneous speeches by those who knew him.

This was followed by an appreciated lunch to the approximately 70 invited guests.


Sensei Dan left a request that the gathering should be relaxed with appropiate humor, even though all had a sense of sadness during this special meeting of budoka all appreciated this time to forward a sincere farewell.

The whole event was arranged in a very respectfull and thoughtful manner by Dan´s son Jimmy, Sensei Annika, and Sempai Hasse and certainly many of the deshi from Banzai.

We will always remember Dan as a Profile in Swedish Kyokushin and Budo, and as a good friend.


Marshall McDonagh & Åke Wall





  Swedish National Team 1971-72. From the left; Bertil Friberg OKK, Jan Westman Budokai,  
  Jack Lindau GKK, Karl-Henrik Robért OKK, Dan Larsson GKK, Gregor Söderberg GKK