Memorial service for Sensei Kallenbach, Stockholm, 17 April 2021


We started by setting up a memorial site with things that the members connected with Jan Sensei and Budo.

A picture of Sensei, flowers, claves , an Iaito, a bag of stones. A stone from our old Haga Dojo, a stone from Meiji jingu park in Tokyo (where Sensei Jan started training for Sawai Sensei) and a stone from Sensei Marshall's Dojo in Rävlanda.

All Dojos that Sensei Jan trained in. Everyone also had their own candle to light for Sensei.

After that, the memorial service began with Sensei Marshall giving a nice speech over the link about his Budo Brother Jan. Everyone in the group then briefly told us about an event we experienced together with Sensei Jan and then a moment of silence.


We followed the wish of Sensei Marshall that the training only included one Tanshu from each member and then another moment of silence in the beautiful nature with the spring and birdsong.

We were all a little taken and sad but at the same time happy and proud that we got to know this amazing Budo man.

We will mourn you Jan Sensei for a while, but after that we will remember you with warmth and joy.



Åke Wall