Lunch with Sensei Jan Kallenbach and Sensei Marshall McDonagh, Stockholm, 24 November 2019


After our training we went to Fjärilshuset for lunch/fika. There we had a very pleasant time with Sensei Kallenbach, Sensei Marshall with Pilar and Sensei Lars Sjöberg.

Some of us had not met with Sensei Kallenbach for many years, so it was a nice reunion.
We took the opportunity to ask our senseis questions.




A lot of topics were discussed; Kime’, Yin and Yang etc. It was very nice of Sensei Kallenbach that he brought with him Sayas for our Bokken.

Thank you Sensei Marshall for supporting us! Also many thanks for all the positiv energy and valuable information.

I hope to see you all soon again!


Osu Monika