Yoshinken – My way in Taikiken, book release, Rävlanda 24 February & Stockholm 2 March 2019


After many years of writing, Sensei Marshall McDonagh's book ”YoshinkenMy way in Taikiken” is released.

Friends and clubs that have been close to Sensei Marshall over the years were invited to a book release in Rävlanda and in Stockholm.

In Gothenburg former members from Yoshinken came and from Gothenburg Kyokushinkai, Banzai, Keiko and GKK were represented.

Some veterans in Swedish Budo, Shihan Shingo Ohgami Wadokai and Dan Åkerberg profile from Gothenburg's Budo, were also in place.





In Stockholm, the members of Yoshinken and Oyama Karate Kai came. The "old" gang from the 60's was also curious about the book and made the meeting very emotional with friends who had not seen each other sometimes over 40 years.

It was a meeting in Oyama Karate Kai's Dojo between new and old members and of course stories were told of how hard it was to train in the 60’s 😊. There were also members from BMW Alpina club were Sensei Marshall is active.

1st edition of the book sold out immediately and it has been distributed worldwide to New Zealand, Japan, Holland, France the United States and the UK.