1st International Taikiken Gasshuku at Lygnared, Sweden, 18-21 August 2006


This training camp set several milestones for both Taikiken and Yoshinken these being :
*    The largest international gathering of Taiki-kenpoka in Europe to date.

*    Four of the five European direct students to Sawai Sensei were present.

*    It was decided that this Gashuku will be held annually.

*    The Taikiken European Federation was founded.

*    The longest Taikiken Gashuku to date = 4 days.

*    The biggest event undertaken by Yoshinken to date.

*    Training was held outdoors apart from a couple of rainy sessions.
Already on Thursday 17th August around 40 kenpoka were arriving by plane & car  from Holland, France, Spain and Sweden, the weather was perfect and created a wonderful  atmosphere for the Gashuku. 

The Lygnared Camping  owner Stefan with his wife did a fantastic job in making everyone feel welcome and at home. As did the Catering company Järås who excelled in providing us with great food.

On Friday 18th  the ranks had filled to 65 with Sensei Bert & Marco arriving by motorbike and Joop by car – all the way from Holland !! also Rickard from Östersund in the far north of Sweden drove through by car  - this shows real interest !!   

The Gashuku officially opened with lunch on Friday 18th  at 12.00.



Sensei Jean-Luc Lesueur was officially awarded his Kyoshi Menkyo within the European Taikiken Group – by Kyoshi Jan Kallenbach – which now makes us 3 Kyoshi teachers in Europe !  Sincere congratulations  Sensei Jean-Luc.

The programme was as given at the end of this report. The Sensei group each took a complete training including theory-historical background as well as the special Taiki “keiko”  -  all being much appreciated, a very intensive contact with top training by the European masters–

Sensei Jan Kallenbach.  The Netherlands
Sensei Jean-Luc Lesueur  France.
Sensei Jacques Legree  France.
Sensei Bert De Waart  The Netherlands
Sensei Wiert Postema  The Netherlands
Sensei Hans Bakker  The Netherlands
Sensei Marshall McDonagh  Sweden
The Yoshinken group in Göteborg – André, Filip, Hans, Erik, Patrick, & Henrik assisted
greatly with the camp´s organisation as did Åke from Stockholm.
The natural scenery around us – lake, sandy beach, hills in the back-ground, forest surrounding had a powerful effect on all – giving tremendous stimulation from the natural energy  when starting early every morning with “ Ritsu zen” and completely free to find your own special place to train before breakfast.

The following photo´s supplied by André Kronander and Hans Berg tell their own story and give some idea of the feeling.
To all the Sensei and all Taiki kenpoka thank you for your participation and look forward
to meeting you all again in 2007.
Marshall McDonagh
Taikiken Kyoshi