Gasshuku at Shinbuken, Amsterdam, 2 july 2005


1st. International Taikiken Gashuku held at Sensei Kallenbach´s new Dojo in Amsterdam. July 2005 . Kenpoka from Holland, France and Sweden.

With a kind invitation from Kyoshi Jan Kallenbach I attended the 1st International Taikiken Gashuku to be held at Shinbuken´s new dojo in Amsterdam on 2nd July 2005.

This impressive dojo is situated in the new sports academy just recently built not far from the previous academy. The whole Sport Academy complex is a statement of the art , and should encourage and inspire many future physical education teachers.

The dojo gives a particularly good feeling when entering, as it has successfully combined the atmosphere of a traditional Japanese Budo dojo with a European flavour in very interesting, practical architecture and planning.

The built in lighting is excellent as is the height to the roof, tatamis in the classic green with red border, wooden panels half way on the walls, and around the mats, special "parking for the shoes ", a tasteful Shinden ( I have an identical one at Yoshinken´s Honbu dojo in Rävlanda - strengthening even more the special bond between Shinbuken and Yoshinken ).

Photographs of the special Japanese sensei - Sawai Kenichi Sensei Taikiken – Kano Jigaro Sensei Judo – Ueshiba Morihei Sensei Aikido observe all keiko in the dojo. Kick/Punch bags movable on rails mounted on the ceiling, Rack for boken and shinai. All activities can be video filmed and viewed.

A particularly nice touch is a Japanese stone garden with bamboo ( to be planted )which is seen through the glass windows and doors, on the opposite wall to the entrance into the dojo, this garden is protected with a special roof allowing Ritsu zen to be trained outside in all weather.


As can be understood with this wonderful surrounding a better start would be most
difficult to beat.

Around 40 kenpoka from Shinbuken and from Sensei Jacques Legree´s dojo in France attended. Some well known faces were there including Sensei Wiert Postema, & Julien Porterie. The proceedings began with a dedication from Jacques sensei and myself, these being placed at the side of the kamiza. I presented Sensei Jan with a gift ( Crystal glass engraving of 2 bears in Tui Shou by Swedish Master craftsman Mats Jonsson ) from Yoshinken Sweden.

The days programme was divided up under three sensei - Jan Kallenbach - Hans Bakker - and myself, the theme being " San Shou " = Kumite. We started with Sensei Jan and Ritsu Zen-Yuri-Hai and partner training but with a difference - done blindfolded !! Hans Sensei and myself continued afterwards with interpretations of the theme for the day.

At the end of the keiko for the gashuku a special announcement was made with the award of Gomokoroku menkyo to Sensei Jacques Legree, for his longtime dedication to Taikiken in France - a well deserved recognition to a popular and budo sensei.
A very important part of such meetings is of course FOOD and this was carefully arranged :

We had an excellent buffet lunch at the academy, and in the evening Sensei Hans Bakker and his wife Daphne kindly invited US ALL ! to their home for a fabulous meal consisting of many exotic dishes. All showed extremely good vigour but I believe some food still remained unchallenged at the end !

Domo Arigato Kyoshi Jan Kallenbach & Shinbuken for a most memorable day, and congratulations on a fantastic dojo.

Marshall McDonagh