Visit by Kyoshi Jan Kallenbach, Banzai, 26-27 December 2003


10 members from OKK visited Banzai and practiced with Kyoshi Jan Kallenbach on 27 dec.
Åke Wall, Victor Berg, Nordbäck family ( Peter, Mae and Kevin) Örjan Johansson Esko Karjalainen, Anders Bengtsson, Simon Galle.

We arrived in Gothenburg on Friday evening, and as usual, when we came to Sensei Dan Larsson we were very well recieved. We spent the evening and half of the night dricking tea, sharing old memories and watching martial arts films shared by Sensei Anders Bengtsson and other films shared by Sempai Magnus from Banzai.

After a great breakfast, Gothenburg members together with Kyoshi Kallenbach and Kyoshi McDonagh arrived. We were nearly 20 persons gathered there.

Kyoshi Kallenbach started of with a PowerPoint presentation and a general presentation of Budo. It´s great to have so many martial arts representants gathered in one place (Kyokushin, Ju-jutsu, Aikido, Tai-chi), and where everybody can take part of the huge Budo knowledge Kyoshi Kallenbach has. The following training session, eventhough centered on Taikiken, was general enough for everybody to be able to participate in.

For lunch Kyoshi Marshall McDonagh presented a nice meal consisting of miso soup and sushi. During the lunch we also extend our congratulations to Kyoshi Marshall, since he had his birthday two days earlier.



Oyama Karate Kai presented a gift to Sensei in the form of an etching, picturing Sensei standing in the Haga park in Ritsuzen with the Kyokushin Kai and Yoshinken calligraphy on the side. The gift was in recognition of Kyoshi McDonagh´s birthday and of the work he has done for Oyama Karate Kai and Swedish Budo during 35 years.

Stockholm Yoshinken section presented Kyoshi with a bokken made from one of the oak trees planted by king Gustav Wasa to secure material to build ships for the Swedish Navy in 1550-1560 ( We asked for permission from the gardener of the Haga park for taking a broken branch in the park ). The oak is growing where the Yoshinken members practice in the Haga park. The Yoshinken section in Gothenburg presented Kyuoshi McDonagh with towles.

Banzai presented Kyoshi with two beautiful candle holders picturing a crane and a turtle, animals symbolizing a long life according to eastern philosophy.

Swedish Kyokushin Kai, represented by the chairman Sensei Micke Andersson, presented Kyoshi McDonagh with a crystal bowl with an inscription in recognition of his efforts in building up Kyokushin Kai in Sweden and being a driving force making the organisation to what it is today.

After the celebrations and presenting gifts, another traning session followed which ended with a Q&A session including insights from many martial arts. Kyoshi Kallenbach presented answers regardless of the martial art the question concerned.

We are very happy to be able to participate in training sessions led by two of the greatest in the Budo world, held in a nice atmosphere. Relaxed, but with a great respect for Budo.


Åke Wall