OKK 50th anniversary, Stockholm, 23 November 2019


On November 23, Oyama Karate Kai celebrated its 50th anniversary as one of Sweden's oldest karate clubs.

On site were both current and old members, Sensei Jan Kallenbach and of course the club's founder Sensei Marshall McDonagh who led the club until 1989 when Sensei Lars Sjöberg took over.

Yoshinken Stockholm, which is part of Oyama Karate Kai, was represented by Sensei Marshall McDonagh and Sensei Åke Wall who has trained at the club and for Sensei Marshall since 1973.





The evening began with a demonstration in kata, kumite and tameshiwari techniques by four of Oyama Karate Kai's youth; Ki Pasanen, Py Pasanen, Clara Flodin and Jessica Edlund.

Then dinner started and a number of different speeches. Sensei Marshall McDonagh showed pictures and told about the time between 1968-1989 and many of his former pupils and big profiles in kyokushin such as Göran Friberg and Karl Henrik Robért then took the opportunity to thank their teacher for the time in Oyama Karate.

Ake Wall