Seminar in Gothenburg, 15-16 May 2004


The Yoshinkensektions from Stockholm and Gothenburg was invited to train during two days in the beautiful nature outside Gothenburg with Kyoshi Marshall McDonagh and Sensei Hans Bakker Shin-Bu-Ken Holland ( Hans Sensei is a deshi to Kyoshi Kallenbach sins 30 year).

Saturday training started in Banzai Dojo, and as usual everyone felt very warmly welcomed by Sensei Dan Larsson.

The fist training contained as usual new techniques that were in line what we learnt before, so it felt natural to do them. And it does not matter if the deshi was a Karateka, Judoka or from Tai Ch. After the training everyone was invited to Kyoshi for a very tasteful lunch.

The afternoon session started in the forest outside Ravlanda. Sensei Bakker thought us exercisers to bring in softness in the techniques, after one hour we had to take cover in the forest when it started to rain cats and dogs. The training was very closed to be cancelled when Kyoshi suddenly stopped deep in the Spruce Forrest. It was absolutely stillness after the rain. Moss cover the ground, and it came smoke from the spots were the sunlight was able to reach the ground. I heard my friend whisper, No one wants to disturb such stillness. The only thing missing here was an old Swedish troll.

We were training with weapons for two hours in the deep forest and I think that this is one of the training sessions that I and the rest of the group will remember in the future.


I think this in a good way describes Kyoshi McDonaghs words when he say that you should be very careful when pick a spot for training.

After a shower, a good meal and some Budo talks everyone fell asleep.

Sunday morning was a perfect Swedish summer day. Everyone was in a good mood and we trained for tree hours in a field at Hindas.

I had had the opportunity to train whit Sensei Bakker at Shin-Bu-Ken in Holland and I was amaze of his balance. I heard my friends during this two day discussing the same thing. So in my little thank speech to Kyoshi McDonagh and Sensei Bakker I had to tell him that we will remember him as “The Sensei in Balance”

Thank you Kyoshi Marshall McDonagh for this seminar. It could not get any better.

Osu Ake Wall and the Swedish Yoshinkengroup.