Åke Wall visits Shinbuken Amsterdam, 13 July 2004


Once again I have been in Shinbuken dojo in Amsterdam for training. As usual Sensei Bakker took very good care of me, and the training for Kyoshi Kallenbach is always excellent. It is fun and interesting to train in a dojo of this dignity and the atmosphere is so nice.

So a very warm thanks from me to Kyoshi Kallenbach, Sensei Bakker and all the deshis of Shinbuken. I was deeply moved when Kyoshi said to me “ I is nice to have you here again Åke, I hope you make it a habit”.


When Sensei Bakker and I came to the parking place the car had a flat tire. We were 5 people to fix this; one who did the job and 4 consults. I think it is the same in all countries.


Åke Wall