October seminar x2 in Stockholm


October turned out to be a month filled with practice for the group in Stockholm, with 2 visits by Sensei Marshall only 2 weeks apart. 2 weekend seminaries containing a mix of new and old knowledge.

The new part included how to structure the individual practice, prior to entering the dojo. It´s a 5 item checklist and should lead to a plan for each person on what to do during the upcoming practice session.

The checklist includes:

  • LocationChoice of location is decided by the current weather situation.

  • RecapitulateRecapitulate previous practice sessions. What went good/bad.

  • GoalThe goal for the current practice session based on above mentioned items.

  • KamaeChoose a kamae suitable for the planned practice.

  • EntryWith a focused mind, enter the chosen place in the dojo and start your practice according to the set practice plan.



The old part included one of the basics in Taikiken, Harai te, which needs to be emphasized more in the practice. Both parts, the mental preparations prior to entry of the dojo and Harai te, has been part of the practice in Stockholm during this autumn. This is something we need to kneed into our future practice like a new Yuri technique.