Seminar in Kobudo, Stockholm, 4-5 May 2013


We trained for two days with Bokken in Haga Parken. A weekend with many hours of practical training, a lot of theory and a group with great energy.

Some with a previous experience in Ko-Budo from other arts got an explanation of Bujutsu. Sensei Marshall taught this from Otake Sensei (Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu) and Donn Draeger Sensei (Shindo Muso Ryu + Katori Shinto Ryu).

Yoshinken Kobudo is build mostly from the weapons system in Shindo Muso Ryu where Sensei Marshall received his education from Donn Draeger Sensei, but also a very important part from Otake Sensei (Katori Shinto Ryu) who has careful preserved Bujutsu in their weapons training. This is an important part where Ko-Budo is included in Yoshinken and not independent part.



Sensei Marshall explains how we will use weapons in the system we already have learned in so many years and all the movements, techniques, and feeling that exists, we only extend our empty hand with a weapon.

Personally, I always find something new when I get a weapon in my hand. With an eye on Kissaki I clearly can see how small variations creates big movements with a Bokken and how very accurate I must be.

This should of course be included from my empty-hand techniques, but as all Budo training you should pay attention to how technologies and systems fit together in order to understand the context.