Seminar and practice photos, Stockholm, 12-13 May 2018


A weekend with a content to further understand the parts of the Yoshinken art and how its parts fits together.

We started Saturday with the most important part for us, Ritsuzen. What and why you test, how to go outside its position and what is important within one's own sphere.

The next part was the transistion from Ritsuzen into Yuri, how to choose correct Yuri, how to start and how to expand it, followed by the different Kamae found in Hai. Followed up by Neri including Mukae-te, Harai-te and Sashi-te in Jodan / Chudan / Gedan, while moving forward / backward with a partner.

A solid program for the morning training, and well done all, many good questions and a lovely sunny spring day in the beautiful Eko-temple.

A nice part was that we had a visit from our "Brother Dojo" Shinbuken by Haske Verheijen who was on holiday in Stockholm and took the time to train with Sensei Marshall and the Stockholm group.

We appreciate very much when Budokas from other Dojos take time to visit and train with us. It strengthens the good feeling between the different schools. We hope you felt very welcome Haske-san.


The afternoon pass continued in OKK's Dojo with in-depth instructions of Zen positions lying down, sitting and standing. A very important part of Yoshinken, showing a clear differences between Yin / Yang, fighting and health. This knowledge is important to get a good balance in your training.

After this we practiced Neri, and included Hakke in different Yuri moments. This was a little odd, because it turned out that everyone had their favorite technique for Hakke.

Sensei Marshall talked of the importance of using a correct spelling, used by our art, in correspondence and as we write articles. This is relates to how you are perceived as Budoka.

Sensei Åke went through parts of Budo Reigi during training with / without weapons, and in general. Yoshinken School has a high level of Budo Reigi, but it should be simple, clear and understandable. The day ended with a review of Suishu.

Day 2 started in the Eko- temple with the same beautiful summer weather and continued with more Standing Zen training. It's good that Sensei Marshall puts so much time into training everyone individually for a better understanding. We realize that even if we are a small group of 10 Budokas, we can’t have to many more, if we want to keep the personal training at this high level.

Thank you Sensei Marshall for a well-done training. Thank you to all of you who made this so interesting by giving your best and asking question. It is like this an art moves forward and develops.