Seminar and practice photos, Stockholm, 29-30 September 2018


Exercise weekend with new and "old" content.

Sensei Marshall started the weekend training in Haga with giving our Sensei the challenge without being warned to take training in the morning. A good test to see that you are prepared for the unpredictable.

Sensei Monika took her part in Ritzsu Zen and showed how you can help your Budo friends to find the right balance and energy in Ritsu Zen by adjusting, supporting, testing and challenging the stand. Anders led us through Yuri and Andreas took training in Hai and Neri. Everybody did the training with a partner and solo.

Åke got the task of having the pair Keiko and continued the training with Suishu and Tanshu. All showed determination and the exercises were excellent which was very pleasing to see. We can without a doubt let every Sensei in Yoshinken train the Yoshinken group, but also in other Dojos.

After lunch, we moved to OKK's Dojo for basic training in application, dimension, flow and Imi. Small important ingredients for Yoshinken development.

Wepon training with the Bokken and Jo where we are reminded that all movements in Yoshinken are forward. Both Sensei Marshall and Sensei Åke's exercises was a reminder of testing Kihon with Bunkai to challenge the application and its function.




Also, testing techniques to the limit so you understand and find the limitations of the technique and for your development. We also went through the different parts of Hachi Dan Gin to use in flow, dimension, stretching and what we decide to work with in the Kata.

On day 2, we added a new part to our toolbox and practiced 3 different breathing techniques.

We have learned to let breathing follow our training to not disturb the flow. Now is the time to add breathing to Yoshinken and we were confronted with how much there is to learn about breathing.

It is a great pleasure to have a new Sensei in Yoshinken, Andreas Braula was awarded 3:rd Dan Sensei this weekend.

As always, we add parts to our training that inspire and enthusiastically.