Yoshinken Seminar at Swedish Karate Kyokushinkai, Gothenburg, 6 November 2004


Sensei Marshall McDonagh was invited by the technical committee of Swedish Karate Kyokushinkai (SKK) to give his story, background and sources of inspiration of his long career within budo.

Marshall sensei which is one of the pioneers within Swedish budo, Karate and Kyokushinkai have met a large number of persons from different martial arts and budo organizations throughout the world. During his 46 year long budocareer a small number of persons made a special impression and inspiration due to their true way of living as modern budokas.

The seminar was meant to give the audience which contained of the major part of dojo operators (today relatively young) in Swedish Kyokushin a historical perspective, theoretical knowledge and a view of what sensei Marshall does nowadays.




The first part of the seminar was was theoretically based with a presentation of 15 persons who has made impression and inspiration to sensei Marshall. Further on he explained that these persons live/lived as they learn and try to apply their knowledge within budo all the time. The theory continued with a presentation Taikiken/Yoshinken and some important persons which has developed the art.

The second part of the seminar was practically based and contained various techniques, explanations and demonstrations. These demonstrations was made together with his student Lars Sjöberg who also is a Kyokushin-nidan instructor and dojo operator for Oyama Karate Karate Kai in Solna Sweden (one of sensei Marshall’s lifeworks).

Marshall sensei gave valuable explanations of techniques that we see in Kyokushin today and their origins. The audience was astonished of seeing the perfect timing, speed and technical brilliance in the techniques of 46 years budo training.

This part of the seminar made big impression to the audience. Voices like -“The best I’ve ever seen” was heard in the crowd when they saw sensei Marshall disarmed his student. With their own eyes the dojo-operators could see that sensei Marshall still are a tremendous fighter with his extended toolbox of techniques developed during almost 50 year of dedicated training.