SHIN-NEN-KEIKO, 8 January 2006    


The First training (Keiko) of the new year

Shin-nen-keiko 2004-2005-2006

Yoshinken celebrated its 3rd Shin nen keiko in succession on January 8th 2006, this is a traditional way in Japanese Budo to contemplate where you have come during the past year since the previous Shin nen keiko and what good intentions you made then, what has been accomplished to date and new expectations for the coming year.

The Keiko (training) held in Yoshinken should be as quiet as possible during the entire duration allowing the balance of thoughts and the physical part to join in harmony. Since our training is held outdoors this amplifies the goal of being natural in all ways.

The calligraphy Shin nen keiko was kindly done for me by my good friend and Budo Sensei Yoshimichi Sato the meaning being the “First training of the New Year” it is also known as Kagamibiraki as used by Sensei Pascal Krieger in the European Jodo Federation – Shindo Muso Ryu.

Whatever the budo art or why not even our private lives , the idea of New Year resolutions to be a better person cannot be wrong, and since you make these resolutions yourself there is no one else to blame, the advantage however is that these vows are silent, you alone have to live with the results good or bad.

Yoshinken dojo members from Stockholm and Östersund arrived the afternoon before to get into the atmosphere, making possible for a good meal together, and enjoying the excellent dvd from Sensei Jan Kallenbach on Taikiken and in particular the inspiration from our founder Soshi Kenichi Sawai also the European Taikiken delegation visit to Japan in 2004.

This was followed by another unique film around a true budo sensei Pascal Krieger modestly titled “Two or Three Things I Know about Budo“ which is a large understatement.


Sunday morning 8th January at 08.30 the Yoshinken “family” now joined by Gothenburgs group assembled for a group photo and a hearty “ Banzai “ to greet the day, arouse the good spirits, and wake up the residents of Rävlanda !!

We then made our way to Rävlanda dojo Nr 2 out in the forest nearby a small lake. In the light of the snow covered ground we started our Keiko in silence with Ritsu-zen followed by Yuri, Daken, Hakke, Hai, Neri.

Partner training with Tui Shou and to end with each member performing individually in front of the “family” their own TANSHU in true ENBU manner with 100% zanshin with no applause at the end.

After around 4 hours it was time to return to Honbu Dojo for a “ brunch “ which all participated with good appetite and budo spirit. I awarded Anders and Esko their well earned Oku-iri certificates who now join the first two Åke Wall and Andrè Kronander in their entry into the Menkyo system and the meaningful world of Neija through Yoshinken.

Domo arigato to Åke Wall for his untiring efforts in running the Stockholm Yoshinken with the essential ingredients for success – spirit, knowledge, loyalty, and humour, Anders and Esko you have a high standard to follow !

Also thank you to Marcus for his webmaster position which he has done with speed, good taste, and expertise. My personal thanks also to Andrè who has always been there when the few times I have been absent to take care of the Göteborg “family” at our dojo in Slottskogen.

Last but not least at all to all Yoshin kenpoka thank you for your efforts and loyalty during 2005 - Good Health and Success during 2006,

Marshall McDonagh
Kyoshi Taikiken. Yoshinken Sweden