SHIN-NEN-KEIKO in a hurricane, 14 January 2007


The First training (Keiko) of the new year

The Swedish groups met at Honbu Dojo in Rävlanda on Saturday 13/1 evening. A lot of Budo talk and good food. Sempai Åke & André talked about their background in Budo and what they think is important in Budo and Yoshinken today, followed by the members who told us a little of their Budo background and why they started with Yoshinken.

Sunday morning started with sensei explaining the meaning of the Shinden in the dojo and the importance of these details in correct budo traditions this was followed by 1,5 hour Ritsuzen. We had to do Ritsuzen indoors because of a hurricane that would have blown the Ki away.

The rest of the training was held outdoors when it will take more than a hurricane to stop Sensei Marshall´s students from Shi-nen-keiko training 2 hour with Bokken ( the writer could not lift the spoon when it was time for lunch) this gave for most of the kenpoka the first training in


Kobudo also to get the feeling and understanding of Iai and kendo which Sawai Sensei influenced his Taikiken. The Gashuku keiko ended with everyone performing their Tanshu, to show their progress made and feeling for the dimensions that are so important towards “ Master Moving”

The official closing of the Gashuku was celebrated with Sake and the awarding of two more Swedish Oku-Iri (Sho-dan) Congratulations ! Marcus and Filip, Sempai André and Åke were promoted to Oku-iri ( Nidan.)

When it was time for lunch the electricity was cut off, so the lunch was made on a gas stove. We are getting used to this in Sweden now.

Thank you Sensei Marshall for a great Shi-nen-keiko and for your, Pilar´s and Jonathans hospitality.

Åke Wall








Sempai André Kronander & Sempai Åke Wall
advance to Oku-iri Ni-dan

Marcus Gärde promoted to Oku-iri Sho-dan

Filip Olow promoted to Oku-iri Sho-dan


Budo talk !