SHIN-NEN-KEIKO, 19 January 2010


The First training (Keiko) of the new year

Old and new Yoshinken members came this year to visit Sensei Marshall and Pilar. At the dinner held on saturday night, new members from Östersund, Stockholm, and Göteborg was welcomed to the Yoshinken family.

When the dinner was over, we enjoyed a film showing several japanese bujutsu & budo masters displaying their different arts in a very skillfull way. It was a very rare occasion to see something like this, so we just satt silently and took in the show.

The following test, we took after the film ended, was less enjoyable. You could see wrinkled foreheads, hear mumbling as everybody scribbled on their papers.

This evening we also had a chance to take part of the presentations prepared by each of the Yoshinken members on this years theme, proposed by Sensei Marshall. It was very interesting to hear how each person interpreted the theme.


Sunday morning started with a walk to a nearby forrest. After a short stop in the forrest, were we had a chance to contemplate over the past year, we continued to the spot designated for this years keiko, a snowclad lake. We had time to go through some warmup exercisses, tui shou and tan shou.

Then we went back for some brunch and discussed what Yoshinken stands for. The day then continued with some film Sensei Marshall took, of diffferent masters he met, during his trips to asia. After the film it was time to say goodbye and start the trip back home.

Thank you, Sensei Marshall and Pilar.

It´s always great to visit you and meet the Yoshinken family.