SHIN-NEN-KEIKO, 13 January 2013    


The First training (Keiko) of the new year


We met at 17:00 and started Shin-nen-Keiko with the annual written test of our knowledge in Budo and Yoshinken, this year it was a bit different. We were asked to indicate a number of calligraphy and questions where we would describe how we felt about different parts of Yoshinken and Budo.

And then Dinner, starting with a delicious sushi from Landvetter and a tomato soup with nice bread, ended with a tea cakes and fruit. Very Good.

Presentations with image and text were a bit different this year, from painting, haiku photos from life, both good and some a bit dramatic to a scientific contribution of position and movement. This activity probably makes Yoshinken unique in the Budo world, it is strange when practicing martial arts at this high level with Ki and not using the values ​​of both Yin and Yang.

We are very pleased we got a new Sensei in Sweden, the second since Yoshinken started. Andre Kronander who began his martial arts training in 1968 received his San Dan and Åke Wall received Yon Dan. We will both carry these degrees in the best way and show a good standard of Taikiken to the world.

As usual late the time flies, but we don’t meet so often, the whole Yoshinken family and then we forget time and room having a nice time.





After breakfast training started at 08.00. The theme for this year's first training was Ritsuzen, We trained for 2 hours and the first hour we worked in Ritsuzen then Yuri exercises in pairs.

All of us were a little surprised that Sensei Marshall could actually keep himself from the more physical part of the training that we know he loves, but he need to be careful with his health. At last as it should Tanshu, as usual with a challenge on narrow slippery surfaces. Another well executed Shin-nen-Keiko

After a few hours of training we gathered in a cafe in Bollebygd for a lovely brunch, time passes too fast when you have fun with good food and good friends.

We thank Sensei Marshall for all he gives and for his commitment so that we can meet and get training at a high level Budo. Thanks also to Pilar and it's really nice that you share the time with us and help with photo, food and accommodation.


Åke Wall