SHIN-NEN-KEIKO, 14-15 January 2017    


The First training (Keiko) of the new year

The arrangements for Shin Nen Keiko in Stockholm were made by Esko San. Due to good planning it was a true success.

Thank you Esko!



Following the tradition, we had a nice meal together with Sensei Marshall in the evening. Almost everyone in the Yoshinken group attended.

At the Oyama Karate Kai Dojo the written examination gave us opportunity to discover our lack of knowledge.

As usual everyone also presented a picture with a text, showing our understanding of Yoshinken.

There is always something in each contribution that inspires the rest of the group. For example a different way of explaining a known fact.



The Echo Temple was beautiful decorated with torches by Esko. It was still quite dark, so the effect from the flames was very nice. We started with a special kind of Ritsu Zen, connecting in a circle. It gave a feeling of solidarity an shared ambition to move forward.

To follow a "red thread" from Ritsu Zen, via slow Yuri movements, to Hai and Neri will lead to Tanshu. Maybe not so difficult to understand, but it takes many years to master.

In the Kobudo training Sensei Mashall explained the importance of correct Maai. It is also of high importance, in pair training, to practice slow to awoid injuries. Keiko ended with ice cold Sake and warm Kanpei.

The sun was now shining bright, and after a short walk we gathered at the "Butterfly House" for brunch. It was decided that the "Theme" of 2017, is going to be individual, based upon our thoughts and experiences from today's Keiko. I have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a good Yoshinken Year for all of us.

The atmosphere was very positiv, and we are very greatful that Sensei Marshall came to us in Stockholm, in spite of his pain, and made this Shin Nen Keiko possible.


Osu Monika