SHIN-NEN-KEIKO, 12-13 January 2019    


The First training (Keiko) of the new year


This year we had the honor of having Marshall Sensei with us during the Shin-nen-Keiko.

We gathered in OKK's dojo for the annual knowledge test and talk. After that came a delayed Christmas present in the form of Sensei handing out and giving a presentation of his book, fresh from the presses.

By now, there was a hungry gang that headed to a Chinese restaurant for a tasty dinner.

Back to the dojo and (a long) presentation of this year's pictures / texts.



A few hours later, in beautiful sunrise, we met up at the Eco Temple. Monika Sensei had lit marshals and we toasted the new training year with sake.

The training became a calm quiet ”follow-the-leader” or in this case follow-Sensei. Where Sensei led us in a flow from preparatory health / warm up movements through our solo training system.

We continued with sticky hands. And finally, we (including Sensei) got to, one after the other, show off Tanshu.

And then - a late breakfast, or early lunch, in the Copper tent.


Matts Rentzhog