SHIN-NEN-KEIKO, 16 January 2021    


The First training (Keiko) of the new year


It became, of course, a different Shin-nen-Keiko 2021, due to the restrictions we follow with the Corona pandemic.

We met as usual in the Eco temple in the Haga Park at dawn and everyone was welcomed with a toast in Sake.

After that we had a calm and quiet individual training with thoughts on the past year and what awaits this year.

Our thoughts also went to Sensei Marshall who could not attend.

After the training, everyone had brought something to eat and drink, when we was not able to go to the regular restaurant visit which is a tradition. This due to Corona recommendations.




Image and text presentation also was different this year, when it was done in the afternoon in a digital format.

Many described the difficulty of training under prevailing conditions, but it also described the advantage of to think a constructive way.

Just like the year before, we had to use our imagination and think differently. It also turned out very well, as long-distance members could participate digital without traveling from other parts of the country.