Yoshinken Jubilee Gasshuku, 11-12 August 2012


Ten years has passed since Yoshinken was founded as a new budo art. To celebrate this gasshuku was arranged in Stockholm, the birthplace of Yoshinken in particular Haga Park close by the Stockholm Yoshinken dojo (the new dojo which so far has not been annexed to the Royal Family’s residence)

After a request from Sensei Marshall, all participants had prepared a short session to demonstrate an aspect of what Yoshinken has given them over the years of keiko. After a short introduction by Sensei in ritsu-zen, yuri, and hai with focus on maai, each kenpoka took turns in leading the group in the keiko they had prepared.

On Saturday this became ten varied sessions based upon their experiences and according to the basic principles of Yoshinken as taught by Sensei.

  • Esko began with training in applying mukae-te and harai-te with an arm lock influenced from taijiquan.
  • Claes contributed with an explanation on the importance of working together and using harai-te with a partner.
  • Andreas gave inspiration with qi-gong to find balance in stability, creativity, illustrated through earth and heaven feeling.
  • I concentrated on how one can train with the image of spear and shield in han-zen.
  • Monica guided the group through flow and application in relation to ritsu-zen.
  • Patrik presented a way to deepen the understanding in dan-tien using hakke and footwork.
  • David using his experience from Hsing I quan to Yoshinken, showing methods of daken inspired from the five elements.
  • André shared his experience in tui- shou, giving advice on how to transfer knowledge into practical use with a partner showing applications in kumite.
  • Anders demonstrated practical experience in his daily profession as security guard combining his many years in Ju-Jutsu and Yoshinken in the art of defence with control and not applying more violence than the situation requires.
  • Keiko ended with Sensei Åke stressing the need of always showing the meaning in all you do, not forgetting that the connection to reality should be always there.




In the evening we all were invited home to Sensei Åke for a BBQ and celebrate 10 years in a relaxed manner. Sensei Marshall presented a powerpoint presentation on the past years, also the years and events before Yoshinken was established and led to its foundation.

This enabled us to look back on our earlier years of keiko and to be aware of our arts history and roots in the budo world. The whole evening was most enjoyable and a great way to end the day.

On Sunday we all met again at Haga park where we took shelter from the natural elements in the Echo temple. Sensei Marshall led the keiko and made certain that all showed good spirit throughout the training. We then individually demonstrated our tanshu based upon the theme we had shown the previous day done in embu way – quietly with full focus, feeling, flow, and meaning, at the end no applause, then selected the next kenpoka to continue.

It was a fantastic atmosphere and acoustics in the Echo temple amplifying each tanshu to something more than usual.

To conclude the Jubilee Gasshuku, the Gothenburg team demonstrated bokken training under the guidance of Sensei and as usual new information was heard, giving a deeper understanding of the connection between Yoshinken empty hand techniques and the classic kenjutsu way.

The entire weekend was extremely successful with the genuine friendship, family feeling always present in Yoshinken, and the quality of the keiko in what we do. Particularly it was a weekend which gave inspiration and direction for future training with good intention to continue together for many years to come.

Filip Olow