What does Yo-shin-ken
mean to your future?

Yoshinken has two definite paths,

1. To those who do not have a budo or wushu background. But wish to improve their allround general health physically and mentally.

2. To those who have been involved with budo or wushu and are still searching for that
extra deepness and balance, leading to satisfaction and harmony in training and life.∑ Yoshinken through the roots of Taikiken and Yiquan will definitely improve your health.

With better concentration, focus, judgement, giving distance to your normal daily work and routines.

• Stress and all the associated symptoms such as tiredness, insomnia, pain, exhaustion, irritation, can be brought under control.

• Blood pressure can be better stabilised, in fact all the organs of the body benefit from this training.

• Due to the way and nature of this unique system of training the risk of muscle, joint, or bone injuries are very remote.

• Yoshinken offers the way to training for the whole family together, for the young and the senior´s.


• Training can be done individually or in groups, practically any time of day or night.∑ Since the training is kept ( at the beginning ) to a very simple level, and with the advice and encouragement to develop your own personal programme wthin the principles of Yoshinken, you create your own individual discipline, choosing your time, place, clothes, and sequence of training.

• When training regularly by yourself, other strong characteristics surface such as self confidence, self discipline, your natural flow of movement, decision power. To listen, see, smell, and feel your surroundings, to sense the positive, and reject
the negative in a natural calm way, in other words to believe in yourself and your actions.

• With time your manner and actions will have a positive effect on persons around you promoting the same flow you work for in your training.

• Since the training develops and stimulates the ”chi” and your energy is used more effectively, your working and free time has more quality, because you feel more in control, and in the case of problems you have more stamina and calmness to handle
the situation in the best possible way.


Photos from Paul von Stroheim