The answer to these blockages is ”Qi Gong” meaning work/training or benefits
achieved through regular dedicated effort.
Qi Gong = working with the life energy in developing knowledge and control of the qi improving the health and harmony of the mind (Yi) and body.

Qi Gong can be divided into two categories :

Dong Gong
Dynamic or active. Yang / exercise
Dynamic Qi Gong

Jing Gong
Tranquil or passive. Yin / meditation
Tranquil Qi Gong

  Both these forms of Qigong are to be found within Yo-shin-ken through Yiquan ( China ) and Taikiken ( Japan ) and regardless if the reason for training is for development in the Martial Arts or for good health and enjoyment, the beginning of every training is the same with :

1. Zhan Zhuang (Ritsu Zen) Standing meditation
2. Shi li (Yuri) Slow arm/hand movements in stationary position
3. Zou bu Shili (Neri) Slow,flowing arms/hands/legs/body movement
4. Mo ca Bu (Hai) Slow movement forward & back, arms stationary.

It is advisable to separate these training methods from other training ways during the same session, as the mind and body need this period to fully absorb the details in a calm, smooth, and balanced manner. The demanding, physical training should be trained at another time, not to confuse the feelings between soft and hard (yin and yang).




Photos from Paul von Stroheim